I’ve spent the last couple of years busy freelancing for the Rowley workshop. They are a Leeds based SFX company who are currently working providing practical special effects for a whole host of television drama and feature films that include Peaky Blinders, Dads Army movie and Jonathon Strange meet Mr Norrel.

Recently we have completed providing special effects elements for ITV’s recent fantasy drama BEOWULF!

Some pictures of the extraordinary set are below:

Horror from the mind of Paul Gerrard

I have been collaborating again with visionary artist Paul Gerrard. Below are some images of a dark twisted demon.

Paul Gerrard is an incredible artist known primarily as a concept artist for film, television and the computer games industries. Check out his website at www.gerrardart.com to see his fantastic work.

This project is in development and is a more traditional horror with a terrible body shock twist. Below are a few pictures of a prototype demon creature that I made for the proof of concept.


Concept art by Paul Gerrard used to base makeup design on.

The finished prosthetic makeup on set.


Work in progress shots, helped by makeup assistant Claire Golding.


BLOODLESS premiere

BLOODLESS premiere

Vampires DVD

Vampires aka Bloodless finally was released on DVD in October 2015. I re-created the vampire for model Steph Mossman to wear at the premiere. This makeup was made in silicone and lasted all day, If only I had the budget to do the original makeups in silicone too.

Life casting

Life cast

Creating the mould

I thought I would have ago at making a conforming mould for this from silicone with a plaster jacket. It was reasonably successful but I did give myself a few problems when it came to filling the mould. I managed however to overcome said issues and next time I will avoid making the same mistake.

The mould

Vamp Appliance

Platgel 25 was used encapsulated in super bladiez cap plastic. It gave me very thin edges.

The appliance

Possibly too thin?

Prosthetic application

The appliance glued on nicely, edges disolved away and made up with alcohol palettes.

Ready for the premiere



EXHIBITS: proof of concept

Back in February, I made a low budget demon character designed by Paul Gerrard for the forthcoming horror anthology Exhibits!

I was assisted by the extremely talented Juliette Savannah Skye to apply the make up in what turned out to be very difficult conditions..the joys of micro budgets!

However filming went smoothly under the direction of Mike Clarke and I look forward to see the results.

The short is referred to as ‘a proof of concept’ with the hope it will inspire investors to get involved, so watch this space.

IMG_0428 Exhibits design Exhibits prosthetic applicating in the cold! Make up FX 1 Make up FX detailing

Exhibits 1