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Why Hide is an exciting new horror comedy from talented young film makers, Director James Cook and Karen Taylor.

I came on board to create some scary finger extensions for the ‘demon’ character. Due to the tight time constraints my role expanded to take on the makeup effect duties to create one of the haunted visions, a character called Kwaku Anansi.

James sent me across some concept art and mood boards that were invaluable to help me create this wonderful creature!

I began by doing my own drawings to make the earlier concept art work as a makeup. I also created the articulated finger extensions and will post videos of the hands in the near future.


Concept design sketch drawn by M Danbury


Mould Making

Various moulds and lifecast

The mask

Performer Jez Hunt getting into make up

Finished Character with articulated fingers just requiring a few finishing touches.




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Bruce Forsyth study

I decided to do some sculpting practice, what better than portrait sculpture.

So I printed off some reference photo’s of genius entertainer Sir Bruce Forsyth. The sculpture has been moulded and I hope to cast out the finished head in the near future.


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I’ve spent the last couple of years busy freelancing for the Rowley workshop. They are a Leeds based SFX company who are currently working providing practical special effects for a whole host of television drama and feature films that include Peaky Blinders, Dads Army movie and Jonathon Strange meet Mr Norrel.

Recently we have completed providing special effects elements for ITV’s recent fantasy drama BEOWULF!

Some pictures of the extraordinary set are below:

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Horror from the mind of Paul Gerrard

I have been collaborating again with visionary artist Paul Gerrard. Below are some images of a dark twisted demon.

Paul Gerrard is an incredible artist known primarily as a concept artist for film, television and the computer games industries. Check out his website at to see his fantastic work.

This project is in development and is a more traditional horror with a terrible body shock twist. Below are a few pictures of a prototype demon creature that I made for the proof of concept.


Concept art by Paul Gerrard used to base makeup design on.

The finished prosthetic makeup on set.


Work in progress shots, helped by makeup assistant Claire Golding.


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